Monday, 20 October 2014

Waitomo Art society Exhibition.

The Waitomo Art Society annual exhibition was held this weekend. I was invited to be one of 3 guest artists as part of this event.  The weekend was wonderful.  I met some amazing artists with such passion for the work they create.  We were also treated to a singing group who performed on Friday evening who were absolutely amazing.  Being surrounded by creative and dynamic people is such a pleasure. It recharges batteries,  helps find new passions and can help determine new pathways or confirm the pathway you are on is a good one.

Although I didn't sell any work at the exhibition I was able to be part of a wonderful opportunity to discuss and talk about my art work, to have valuable marketing advice and to be able to get my creative juices flowing again. 

The exhibition was set up in set up in the Waitomo arts and cultural centre in Te Kuiti, NZ.  A wonderful venue in a lovely quiet little provincial town in New Zealand. 

I displayed my bright segment quilts and some of my other bright and beautiful quilts.

I had some amazing feedback about my work.  It was so lovely to walk around and chat with people  about my art work.  Talking about my work not only helps people understand how I work but also helps me to clarify my ideas as an artist.  We had some great discussions about how I make my work.  So many people thought my work was appliqu├ęd and were really surprised when I said they were all painted.

Helping people understand what the art work means and how it is made helps people appreciate it more because the more we understand the more we comprehend and the more we comprehend the more meaning the art work has to the viewer.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Photography this week: Clouds


I was out in the evening with my camera and captured these amazing cloud formations.  The light was just perfect.  Isn't our world just amazing.  It was a good reminder to remember to look up and not to spend my time just focussing on what is at my feet or in front of me.  Look at what I would have missed if I hadn't looked up !!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tutorial: Art quilt preparation for a show/exhibition

Preparing for a show or exhibition

Well I am off to another exhibition this week.  I have been invited to be the guest artist at the Waitomo art society annual art exhibition in Te Kuiti this weekend. I am really excited to be going down to be part of this great event and to be spending 3 days on my own!!  I am looking forward to time with like minded souls like myself and to get some much needed R&R.  

It is really important to have amazing art work but almost as equally important is to have it well presented.  Imagine ordering a succulent porterhouse steak and a plate of beautiful crispy kumera chips with a ailoi dressing at a restaurant and having it arrive on a plastic plate with plastic knives and forks and given to you on your lap.  Imagine now the same food arriving on a beautiful china plate with beautifully designed cutlery and a gorgeous well pressed white damask napkin at a well laid out table. The food would taste the same whether it arrived on a plastic plate or a china plate but it would feel completely different.  I have been at exhibitions where the work is hung poorly,  loose threads still hand over the art quilt,  they are not pressed and the quilt has had little care taken of it.   The art work feels unprofessional, unfinished and uncared for. Why would I want to part with my money for something the artist doesn't even love? Professionally hung work that has has the utmost care taken of it is far more likely to be bought and treasured.

When I go to an exhibition there are many things that need to be done to prepare my work to be hung at a show. Today's tutorial will take you through steps to have your work completely ready to hang at most events.  


  • Label for the quilt
  • Price label
  • Scissors
  • Sticky de fluffing roller 
  • Damp cloth
  • pressing cloth
  • Iron

  1. Mount/frame or bind your work accurately. Spend time checking to make sure everything is square,  that the binding is full and neat. Send time perfecting your finishing techniques.  many great pieces of work are spoiled by the lack of attention to the finishing details.  

2. Make sure that all edges are finished.  I use a zig zag stitch for  the edge of the art and I always need to check that it has been neatly stitched,  it has caught all the edges,  that I haven't accidentally cut any stitching when cutting any loose threads and that it looks neat.  

3. Label the back of the work and sign the front. If you want to know how to make labels go to this post here . Documenting your work is so important.  Make sure you have also taken a photo, catalogued the exhibition/art work details and this piece of work has been added to your portfolio.

4.  Attach a hanging sleeve to the back of the quilt 

4.  Print a price label.  Add the name of the art quilt, dimensions (H x W ), techniques, materials used, and the price. 

5.  De hair and de fluff the art quilt.  Use a sticky roller (above) or a damp cloth (below) to remove any bits and piece that art quilts pick up.

6.  Cut off or stitch into the art quilt any loose threads.

7. Remove any marks. This art quilt was hanging on a wall in a bedroom and it wasn't until I took it off the wall I noticed a number of fly spots on the surface.

Dip a white cotton cloth into a solution of water and a mild dish washing liquid.  Gently rub in circular motions until the mark comes off.

The mark gone.  If the mark is on a painted art quilt start with just water and then if it still won't come off try a above solution.  I have found it pays to spray a protective spray on my work now so it is easier to clean.

8. Press with a white pressing cloth over the quilt. Press well  with a medium iron.

9.  Store flat until the exhibition drop off or until you are ready to hang them.

10.  Carry them to the event in a beautiful bag or box.  You will value your work and therefore other will value it more if you treat it well.  

Quality art work deserves to be treated like royalty.

To see more of Catherine's work or to purchase her work go to 

Monday, 13 October 2014

The story behind the art work

Flower fusion

Flower fusion

Dimensions:  54” x 54”    137 x 137 cm 
Technique: Painted whole cloth quilt, machine quilted
Materials: Cotton fabric, textile inks, oil paint sticks
Price: $1200.00

I live in New Zealand one of the most beautiful places on the earth. I am surrounded by stunning nature and beautiful colour in both the land and vegetation and people.  This country is both rich in culture and in beauty.  

I wanted this quilt to celebrate the different colours of both our land and its rich and vibrant people.  No matter what our race, cultures or traditions we can successfully blend them together to make a rich and beautiful society.  

I have made this quilt by making 4 separate quadrants and then stitching them together as one big art. I wanted this to depict us all having beautiful traditions and cultures that we can join together and make as one.  Together we can make a difference in the world.  Separate we cannot.  We need to be unified in the world we live in so we can join together to fight poverty, abuse, disease and to preserve the fundamental values of society.

Quadrant one

Quadrant two

Quadrant three

Quadrant four

I drew the outlines of each shape onto the 100% cotton fabric with crayons.  Then I painted the 4 squares with textile inks.  Once they had dried I quilted each of the 4 quadrants separately before joining them together.  

The art work was then bound with hand painted binding.  

If you wish to purchase this piece of art work or any of my other work e-mail me at

To view any of my work visit me at  visit me at 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Photography this week

Spring in the Hamilton gardens

Last week we went to the Hamilton gardens as a family for the School Holidays.  I challenged the children to take their best photo and would develop it for them.  See my 10 year old boys photos here While they were busy taking their photos I captured these ones of poppies and tulips in the Indian garden.

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