Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Photographs this week: Our special dinner

I have been so busy that I seem to be throwing down dinner and running out the door for weeks. I decided to flag everything and have a beautiful dinner at home with them all one night this week.  It was lovely to sit over beautiful food and to chat and to spend time together just enjoying each other's company and just 'being'.  My 9 year old set the table beautifully.

We recorded the event with a few photographs.  

Deep fried Tofu

Beetroot and pear salad

Lemon oiled drizzled over greens

Fresh bread and sparkling grape juice

Monday, 14 April 2014

My sewing machine actually got used for something other than quilting this week

It has been a week full of sewing. But unfortunately it has not been any quilting.  I have been having a week of catching up on all those jobs that have to be done but I never like to do.  I.E. Mending, altering curtains and altering clothes.  

Although they are jobs that I really do not enjoy it feels good to have full length curtains at my window all ready for the winter,  clothes that are no longer holey or falling to bits and trousers that actually fit me (I have a short leg problem :)) My closet looks fantastic.  I have chucked out all the clothes that were past it, too small or one that I am just over.  I feel like I have a closet full of new clothes.  I also feel like I have a new house with my new curtains up. 

I had purchased the longest ready made curtains I could find on special.  I bought one extra set of curtains and added material to the bottom of each curtain to make them long enough for my very tall windows.  This way I was able to get curtains for all 4 bedrooms and hallway for the same price as it would have cost for one room.

Close up op the curtain fabric.

Before in my room 


Before in the boys room.  Note there was only one curtain that pulled all the way across

After.  A full length pair of curtains.  I could only photograph one side as I couldn't find the other one due to some busy 'playing' in their room. 

Hallway curtains before

After.  I added a strip of contrasting fabric to lengthen the curtains that I found on special.

I just have to adjust one more set for the last bedroom and I am all done.  

Monday, 7 April 2014

Progress of my new work

My new quilt is progressing well. To read about the progress so far read my blog post here I am exploring the subject of small moments in family life.  

This piece of work captures a small moment in my daughters life.  She loves to read.  It is a big part of her life.  One of the things I love to do with her is discuss literature and talk about new ideas.  She is so passionate about reading and she often encourages me to read new genre that I normally wouldn't read. This piece of work captures her great personality and her hobby

Before quilting

The eyes and lower face quilted

Close up of the face

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cheap and easy storage ideas

While surfing the net I have come across so many great ideas for storing art supplies and fabric.  

Storage can be very pricey and add up.  I also find it hard to find storage that works perfectly for the space intended. 
I have found making my own storage solutions to be the perfect answer to the problem.  

These ideas are all DIY and reasonably cheap to make

These bins are just gorgeous and are made from fabric and boxes.

Picture #10: Trays Pulled Out

This pen and pencil organiser is made from foam board.  
Wouldn't you love to have all those pens?

Keep a Lid on It

A great space saver.

What a great way to re use all those cans.

Art Supplies

I love tube storage.  It is such a 
great way to store paintbrushes and pencils

Another take on the tube storage idea

I love this unusual storage design.  

20 DIY Adorable Ideas for Kids Room

There are some nice ideas in this article. I particularly like this one for scraps of fabric,  a hanging rubbish bin or scraps of batting. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

A sneaky peak at some new work

Last week I posted pictures I am working for a New series of work entitled the small details of family life. You can read the post Here.

The last picture I painted in my art journal was a picture of my sweet 17 year old daughter giving me a cheeky smile behind a book she was reading.

She is a girl who has so much zest and passion for life and so much personality.  she lights up the room when she walks in and makes everyone's day a pleasure.  This picture really captures the essence of her personality

This quilt top is 40cm x 40cm

It is painted with Textile inks on to a fine weave cotton fabric

Now to start quilting it today. :)

Friday, 28 March 2014

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