Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sketchbook this week: Magnolias

A peek into my sketchbook

Well I am just about feeling normal again after 2 weeks of rest.  I haven't put my back out that bad in many years.  I couldn't even read or look at a computer screen.  The most I have been able to do is watch T.V lying on my side and since I am not a big T.V watcher I have had a very boring 2 weeks.  But It was so good to have a rest and to be able to be.  

While I have been lying around I have been watching the trees turn from their Autumn (fall) coats to their winter frames. It is so nice too see the seasons change.  I love winter.  I love the warm fires, reading, hot stews,  soups,  and winter woollies.  I love snuggling under blankies and cuddling with kids around the fire.  I love the nakedness of trees.  When the leaves are gone the structure is visible and so amazing. My sketchbook page today Is of our Magnolia tree close to our home.

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