Tuesday 18 May 2010

quilting signature

I've been spending time over the last few months working out what my quilting signature is.  My recognisable art style.  It was easy to write what I didn't do but was much harder figuring out what I did.  I started with a what I like and don't like list.  I knew I loved vibrant colour,  raw edge applique and strong design and that i don't like wishy washy colours,  floral fabrics and no cohesion of the quilt design. But that still didn't really decide where I was heading and what I represent. 

 So to try to work out what I like I started trying to do  different ideas on journal quilts.  I've done printing,  shadow applique,  painting,  crayons,  beading,  mono printing,  shiva paintsticks,  and many more ideas.  I've started to reallise I like to do whole cloth work using surface dying/printing techniques.  I also like heavy machine quilting using a variety of coloured cottons which enhance  the quilt.   

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