Monday 31 October 2011

Quilting on time restraints

My plan today was to have my haircut and spend the day quilting......sigh!!!  It didn't happen.  The haircut took longer than normal and then when I got home I found a bird that had hit the window of the house that needed medical attention so I had to turnaround and go back into town (30 min round trip) to take it to the vet.  So I didn't get back till lunchtime. 

Then family things took over. They were all good thing to do but it left me feeling discouraged that I still hadn't got into the studio today.

I am only able to snatch very small bits of time for my art and quilting at the moment.  I really value creativity in my life everyday. It helps me to refresh my soul and give me breathing space.   It is imperative for me to have this time every day but what happens when that space isn't there or when other people are snatching away my time?  Or there are bird emergencies ? Does this sound familiar?

I have come up with a few things that sometimes help me....

I find that
  • Making small spaces of time helps.  It is amazing what one can do in 5-10 minutes.
  • Getting up 1/2 hour before the rest of the house
  • Taking my lunch break in my studio and putting all the kids down for a rest for 1/2 with books.
  • Fine tuning house cleaning chores so they can be done faster and more efficiently
  • Making time for art.  Having that mental priority helps to get into the studio more
  • Taking small projects with me when I have to go out.
  • Having work to do while I am watching t.v with the kids
  • Having quilting reading material in the toilet :)  It takes a few days to get through a book but it is a good way to get something done
  • Let go of unnecessary obligations.  Do I really need to attend every Christmas party in December........
  • Celebrate what I can get done not what I can't achieve.  Making a list of what I have accomplished sometimes helps me to see this more clearly.
  • Have an area set up that can be used without having to worry about getting things out or putting them away.

I would love to know what helps you? So would you post a comment below of you have anything that works for you?  It might help me through this time or help someone else.

Maybe tomorrow I can get some times to quilt.

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  1. You've already said it! I have a habit of going into my play room for at least five minutes every matter what is happening. In my case, it's easier to have that 5 minutes turn into 5 hours because my children are grown and my parents have passed on. So...with only having my granddaughter to care for a few times per week...I can get lots of art done. But...when she's here...she is IT.


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