Monday 14 October 2013

What to do with quilting Practice cloths?

When I start to quilt I always do a practice session first.  Sometimes I get the groove really quickly and I only spend a few minutes on my practice fabric.  Other times I need a lot more time to get the feel for the design or to get the tension adjusted properly.  Even though this work isn't my best work or work that will wow audiences it is a valuable time for me to get the hang of quilting.

I have ended up with quite a few practice cloths with wonderful textures and colour on them.  I really have been hesitant about throwing them out so I have come up with a few ideas of what t do with them.

  • Make a pouch- A few of my pouches started off as painted fabric that I used for practicing on

  • Make an art journal cover. The fabric is made up of such great textures it is ideal for book covers.  If the thread colours don't really work repaint the fabric or use shiva paint sticks for added colour and uniformity. This cover had shiva paint stick added and a few dark green stitched oblongs for a focal point.

  • Make a little mini quilt- This rose quiltlet was just a scrap of practice cloth drawn on with shiva paint sticks and then edged.

  • Paint and print on the fabric and then cut up to make into a wee quiltlet.  This was a practice for layering different textures and colours.

  • Practice the quilting with a purpose- Know what design that is being practiced and stick to that design. This piece is a practice piece that evolved into a workable piece of art.  I added the same motifs every time I practiced.

  •  It is great being able to use just about everything that get stitched on.  It is great for the land fill and for creativity.  What can you make from your practice cloths ??

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  1. I often practice on calico and then it gets thrown out eventually when it's crammed full of quilting. But using coloured cloth or decorating my calico afterwards is a great idea - then I can make ATC's or those cute little pouches you make. Christmas is coming and gifts are needed!


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