Monday 27 October 2014

I'm getting a new studio!!!

Today something momentous is happening,  something amazing and wonderful......................My new studio is being started!!!!   I am so excited to be able to have my own studio space.  Somewhere separate from the house,  somewhere cosy and warm in the winter,  a place to display and sell my art work and a place to call my own. There is only two big challenges we have to do it all under $5,000 NZD dollars (for the renovation and furniture)  This may seem like quite a bit of money in some countries but in NZ it is quite a small amount.  The french doors alone are $2,000 new and sometimes not much cheaper second hand.  We also have to be finished with in 4 1/2 weeks (the date when my daughter is home from Canada). So we are going to have to be very creative, very frugal and call in a few favours to get this done.

My husband is converting the garage into an studio space.  
It is 4 1/2 m x 6  1/2 m.  My studio spaces before have been a corner of a room or a small bedroom so this space feels like a palace.

The floor is a concrete slab.  Phil is a decorative concrete specialist so I am getting a grind and polish.  This will be perfect for finding pins and needles and I won't need to be too worried about splashing a wee bit of paint here and there.

At the moment the space is a lovely pink and darker purply pink. Fine for a garage but not so good for a space to hang art work.  We are going to paint everything white so my art work can sing.

Once the space is completed I will have a shop and a teaching space and working space.

One window is in fairly good condition so we will just sand it back and paint it

The other one needs a little more TLC

But once the tree is taken out (it has been damaged in the last storm)  The views will be amazing.

The entrance into the room comes from the side of the house.  It is a good old sturdy farm door.  With a lick of white paint it should come up as good as new.

We are still deciding if we will keep the inside door between the 2 garages.  It needs a lot of work.

The lovely ceilings will be replaced by jib and track lighting.

The garage door will be replace by wooden French doors when we find them in the right size and at the right price.

So follow my blog over the next few weeks and I will keep you posted on how it is all going and to give you some tips and trick for creating your own space when you have limited money and time.


  1. Lucky you! Sounds a great idea. Unfortunately my husband needs ALL our large garage for his woodworking machinery but he does help by making me things from time to time so must not complain!! Look forward to seeing progress and the grand opening!

    1. I am so blessed and so excited. We are just lucky that we have 2 garages :)

  2. Wow! That will be so great for you. Looking forward to watching it grow into a fantastic space. Just looked at your dragon's eye for the purple challenge - love it!

    1. The studio is progressing well. We now have insulation in and wiring for my track lighting. My purple quilt is coming on well too


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