Monday 3 November 2014

The new art studio

Last week we started relining and renovating our existing garage to make it into an art studio for me. See post the first day here.  It is so exciting to see the room beginning to unfold and to begin to take shape.  

The lining off the walls

Lots of 'lovely' rats nesting materials.  My son also found 2 mummified rats which he found fascinating.  I didn't really feel the same way about them LOL.

Walnut shells galore.  My question is how did they get them in the roof?

The walls are in pretty good shape.  We only have found 2 small holes that are easily fixed.

the roof is in pretty good nick too.  No scary surprises. Yah!!

Insulation and wiring going in.  I'm going to have lots of power points!  Up till now I have been working off one for my studio,  freezer and Philip's business.

In the corner of the room we have a concrete slab that is higher than the rest of the room.  We have been trying to work out what to do with it.  We're going to build a fantastic cupboard with lots of storage in it.

Unfortunately it leaks so before we do that the outside wall needs replacing.

We had two amazing finds in the garage amongst a pile of wood left behind by the previous owners a small door for the wardrobe and a set of French doors.  That will really help the budget go so much further as the French doors alone were going to cost us $1,000.  

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