Saturday 6 December 2014

Photos coming of my studio reveal

I wanted to post this blog 4 times this week but we have had major internet problems (grrrr) this week.  I am slowly losing patience with this internet provider. Grumbles aside I am busily organising my new studio space it is looking absolutely amazing and I am so excited about having this beautiful space to work in.  My youngest boy christened my space yesterday (he has been at home sick)  by making a wonderful creation from recyclables.  It has everything I wanted in studio.  

a beautiful floor
a beautiful view
warmth for winter and coolness for summer
windows that can be sealed from the weather
a bookcase
a couch to snuggle up on
a shop/gallery space (for after our eldest daughter moves out until then it is a bedroom)
and a beautiful office space

I am so excited!!!!

Keep watching this space for my final reveal 

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