Tuesday, 21 September 2010

quilt challenge-52 cards in a year

week 16

I have a quilt sandwich I use for practicing my machine quilting before I quilt on the real thing.  I had finished a a practicing piece and was going to throw it out when I asked myself a question could I colour and cut this and make a card for this week?   Using non metallic paint sticks I started drawing over the patterns on the practice piece and then I cut out a few different pieces and played with them.  One of the pieces reminded me of a rose so I began to develop this idea.  The effect was very different but beautiful.  I will be keeping all my practice pieces in future and further developing them after this experimentation.

I love how the lines of quilting still come though under the added colour giving the feeling of movement and depth.

Now will I ever throw any scraps away again?   
I might need more storage.............

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  1. Amazing how something could become a piece of art with just a little playing around.


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