Saturday 12 February 2011

Skechbook challenge: My days of drawing

Entry for Feburary 6th
Opposites:Positive/negative:colour gradients

Entry for Febuary 7th
Opposites: Trees the same subject -opposite shapes

Entry for Feburary 8th
Opposites:Tree of good and evil
An extention on my trees from yesterday.

Entry for Febuary 9th
opposites:Open and closed spaces

entry for Febuary 10th
Opposites: Jekyll and Hyde;Zach our ginger tom.


  1. Catherine,
    I really like your sketches. I especially love your "Tree of Good and Evil". I love your curly branches and teardrop fruit. So cool. I have been struggling with the "opposites" topic this month and have yet to do a single sketch related to opposites. Yours are so inspiring. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I LOVE the quote that I used for inspiration for my last painting and I thought that you might be interested in knowing that it was based on a talk given by Elder Holland at a stake here in my town. My friend took amazing notes and that was part of his quote. Since I didn't hear it and it's not written anywhere, I couldn't attribute it to him but the rest of the quote goes like this: "God loves broken things. Broken clouds bring rain. Broken ground brings grain. Broken grain brings bread and broken bread feeds man. But most of all God loves broken hearts, because God is in the business of fixing broken things." I am in LOVE with this little quote and I think I have a few more bits of inspiration yet before I am done with it. Just thought I would share. I figured that you would enjoy it too. Wow! How's that for a LONG comment.

  2. The full quote is even more beautiful and inspiring. Elder Holland is a wonderful speaker whom I always love listening to. He came to NZ a few years back and I had the oppourtunity to listen to him speak. I came away with wonderful inspiration and upliftment. The challenge really is accepting the broken parts of ourselves and letting the Lord help heal the feelings of despair and broken bits so we can be fixed and rise above them. Thankyou so much for sharing this with me.

  3. I love the good and evil tree. What an awesome visual.


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