Wednesday 12 March 2014

New doors in my kitchen

It is wonderful to have a freshly painted kitchen.  After spending the last year with wooden cupboards which are so hard clean it is great just to wipe over the cupboards with a damp cloth and have it finished in a jiffy.  (You can read my blog here and see the pictures of the kitchen in progress: new kitchen renovations ) My fridge has been sitting in the middle of the kitchen for a year too.  The hole was to small for our fridge.  Now it fits!!!!!  It is lovely to come into the kitchen and to be able to get to the fridge properly.  

The top cupboards.  I am going to have a recipe book cubby put between the open shelves and the extractor fan.

The Bottom cupboards.  My Hubby is going to make a slate grey concrete bench where the orange is.

The hole for the fridge

The cupboards under the sink.  The sink bench is staying.  I love stainless steel and it is in very good condition.  

We are going to put grey concrete overlay on the floor in the pattern on old looking slate grey flagstones. (Like below)

The view.......No need to upgrade this bit :)

Set of drawers.  Yes there is one darker handle.  One broke so we replaced it and it still needs a coat of white spray paint.  We are going to put a concrete bench over this side too.

The cupboard doors all finished. 

It is wonderful to be able to get at my food and plates again.  The next bit is now waiting patiently for the hubby to get his jobs done. :)


  1. Oh no! You can't take away that lovely orange bench top, it's so lovely! Just kidding. You've made a world of difference already. Once it's all done you won't know yourself.

    1. Its great isn't it!!! I already feel it is so much better. I can't wait for the new benchtops.


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