Thursday 20 March 2014

New quilting series

I am starting a new series of work. The designs are being drawn the ideas are flowing and life is grand.

Welcome to the process and development of the series
Small details of family life

I would love you to be involved in the process! 
Would you answer for me.....

What are the small details of family life that you love? 

What makes your family tick?

What do you do with your family that is special and meaningful?

Family to me is......

Sharing food

Dressing up and going out together


Being together

Reading together

 and sharing jokes.

What is it for you?


  1. Sometimes I feel like family life is just being in a room together: laughing, playing, communicating. Enjoying the sunshine always feels like a happy family moment.

    1. Being together is just so nice. I think that is a great thing about families too.


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