Tuesday 22 April 2014

Quilt progress and adventures

We have school holidays here at the moment.  They came at just the right time for everyone. Everyone has been so tired and we have all have had enough of running around and not having any time at home. I love the holidays.  I love not having to be places and nor having to stick to a schedule.  It is fun just doing what we want to do when we want to do it.

The only thing I really find a challenge is to be able to work every day at my art work. So I have started to work from 6-10 am every morning so the rest of the day is free to do what ever we want to do as a family.  I have a sign on my door that reads artist @ work do not disturb and I have told the children I am not to be disturbed unless their is smoke or blood.  We will have to see how this goes.  I had 3 or 4 'emergencies' this morning of what can I have for breakfast?  and I have to show you how I ride my skateboard etc. I think it is going to take a while LOL

Today I worked a little more on my quilt of my cheeky girl looking over a book

I have added little circles and flowers around the rims of her glasses

and texture to the eyebrows and the side of her forehead.

I also painted a paper quilt of a face with lots of textures around it.  The face is a wee bit dark but as it was just an experiment with textures it served it's purpose.

I added lace prints around her face to blend the background a little more with the hair rather than have it completely separate. 

The colours under the paint have come though slightly giving more variety and interest to the textures

By adding a lot of different colours to the page it has given the face and background more depth and more for they eye to look at.

I'm going to add stitch and paint stick to the piece of art to see what other effects I can make on this face.  

After being in my studio this morning I went to a hike in a limestone rock area with the 2 boys and my sisters family.  It was a wonderful experience for all. I got some amazing photos and we had a great time exploring some caves and seeing some amazing rock formations.

A small cave we explored

This wee hole led into a few small caves to explore.  They were pretty neat. We will be going here again. 

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