Tuesday 10 June 2014

Art quilting UFO's completed.

I have finished 30 UFO's 
(unfinished objects)  in my studio!! 

It has taken a lot of work and so much will power. 

I love starting new projects.  
Going back to old ones are so difficult for me, but I have done it!!! A lot of them were just needing simple things done to them like mounting, binding,  a little more colour adding to them and a hanging sleeve putting on them.  All simple jobs that wouldn't have taken much time at all if I had just done them before starting another project.  I'm hoping I have learnt a good lesson about procrastinating the small stuff. (well I can live in hope :) )

Here is a sneaky peak at what I have been doing. 

 I will be loading all of them individually onto my new website which is coming soon.  All art work will be for sale

I have got 5 pieces of work to finish and then I can start with a clean slate and focus on 2 new series I am planning.  

It is so exciting to have my work come together.  I feel motivated to tackle new ideas and pathways.

What makes you excited?  What helps you to move onto new ideas?
What helps you to move onto new ideas and pathways? 

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