Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fabric art play days

Children learn by playing.  They learn as they play with different materials in their environment. As adults we continue to learn but we tend to learn in far more structured 'boring' methods.  Lectures, paper work and and reading (well may be it isn't all boring as I am an avid reader)  Play is still relevant for adult learners.  Most of us learn well kinaesthetically (by doing)  We remember what we have done better than just listening or seeing.  When we hear we learn a little,  when we see we learn a wee bit more, but when we do our brains retain more of the experience.  

 Some objects to play with

When I am learning a new technique in art work I read and then try to follow the instructions. It isn't until the experimenting begins that I  really start to understand the process fully.   Playing is fundamental in creating new ways of working,  creating new surfaces and bringing out new ideas.  

A quilted surface that I was trying out an analogous colour scheme on and a variety of printing  material.

People play differently.  I love to get messy,  the more paint spread around the better.  But many people prefer to stay clean and don't like to touch mediums with their hands.  It doesn't matter how you play but rather that you play.  Play is therapeutic, enriches your life,  makes your brain work hard and creates new ideas.

Playing with quilted texture,  rubber stamps and colour.

Try setting aside  time each week just to play.  Having a regular routine of play really helps work to mature and helps work become more free and spontaneous.

So how do you start to play?  Here are some ideas to start you off.

Play ideas

  • Read about a technique and try it 3 ways
  • Pick a word out of a hat and use that as a starting point.  Some ideas are blob,  finger,  book,  cook,  recipe,  love,  flower,  eye,  spray, play, friend.  Words are endless.
  • Chose a medium and try and use it 5 different ways
  • Ask questions
What will happen if ................?
What happens when I mix..........?
Where can I go to next.............?
How can I create a new object out of...............?
If I use only 2 colours on my design what effects can I create? 
What objects can I use to print with?
If I had only my hands as tools what effects could I create?

  • Play with a child in your studio.  They will come up with an amazing long list of play ideas.
  • Try using a naturally found object in your work. I.E.  a shell,  piece of wood.
  • Put on some music and create to the music.  Try different styles of music.  What differences are their in your art work?
  • Base your play on a quote or story.
  • Place a time limit on your play time.  I.E.  what can you create in 10 minutes.

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