Friday 27 December 2013

Post Christmas creativity

We have had a wonderful Christmas with our family.  It has been lovely to see people that we love and care for.  We have been spoiled rotten and eaten beautiful food.

My daughter and son created this beautiful Christmas table

Beautiful lights

It has been so nice to be creative over the Christmas period.  Although we didn't manage every project I have blogged about, we did quite a bit.  My boys (hubby include) all got sick on the lead up to Christmas so my well made plans were slightly altered. It has been nice to see my children give to others and to create beauty with their own hands.

We are going to be creative into the new year with some wonderful new creative toys and activities to do. For Christmas one of my boys got a fantastic Meccano set.  Both the boys have spent an hour making a battery powered car.  It has got them working together and following instructions together and the added bonus was no fighting.

Finished product.

I am looking forward to spending a few days relaxing with my family and starting my beautiful new Christmas tree skirt for next year :)  thanks to my Mother in law for a wonderful new hand project.

I love hand work and this looks like a great project.

A close up of the train

I hope you have all had equally wonderful Christmas's and special times with your families. xxx

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