Friday 16 May 2014

Hanging small quilts

I love making small little art quilts.  They are quick to paint and so easy to manipulate under the sewing machine.  They are a great way to learn a new technique or experiment with a new subject matter. They are instant art quilting.

Small works can draw the viewer in to take a closer look.  When I am finished small art quilts they can unfortunately look like a beautiful pot holder, to the inexperienced eye or they can look unfinished.  I have tried a number of techniques when hanging these little pieces that take the pot holder to a beautiful little piece of fine art for your wall at home.

  1. Make a quilted backing to stitch the work too

A whole quilt background

Pieced quilting background

2. Put a smaller piece of work on a larger piece of work

3. Mount work on canvas

4.  Mount on a piece of fabric stiffened with interfacing  View video of this process here

5. When I have tried all these ways of hanging and nothing seems to work I make it into a lovely pouch.

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