Thursday 6 February 2014

Studio makeover: Beautiful labels

 Last week I did a post  called Goal setting with a twist which talks about setting a goal word for a year.  The idea is to choose a word to guide through the year.
I have chosen the word accept.  

To help me remember my word I decided to do what I do best  to make an art quilt on my word.  I have started my  Word art quilt but I haven't managed to get it finished this week.  I hope to have it done for you to see on Monday.  

Today I have a great wee project for labelling storage containers in the studio.

Labels for storage


  • Clothing tags of any shape or size.   I keep any tags I get from new clothing.
  • White paint
  • 3 different colours of acrylic paint. I've chosen green, yellow and blue.
  • A metallic paint
  • Gold braid/ribbon
  • black pen

Find a tag from clothing brought from a store.

Remove the price stickers.

Paint both sides of the label with white paint.

When the first coat is dried paint a second coat of white paint over both sides of the tags.

Paint green, yellow and white paint onto the tag.  Paint quickly and don't mix the colours together.

Print a stamp into the paint.  The stamp will print into the wet paint and leave an impression. Dry.

Brush white paint onto a stamp and stamp the tags.

Print a small circle on the tags.  Use the blue paint.  An old thread reel works really well.

Print bubble wrap onto the tags with a pale blue paint

Stamp with the first stamp again with the yellow paint

Choose a contrasting stamp and stamp over the tags in green paint.

Apply metallic paint to the tags with a cotton bud.  Take care only to use a little so it doesn't cover the colour already added to the tag.

The tags ready to write on.

Label the tag.

Add some gold braid/ribbon/ thread

Tie on to the box

A beautiful finished tag.

Or stick onto the box if there is no where to tie the label.

Don't throw away any left over paint.  It can be used to colour  sketchbook pages.

Stamp the remaining paint on any stamps on to the page.

Use any left over paint on other stamps to add to the textures to the page

The background is ready for further work.   


  1. Thank You for this tutorial...I have forwarded a link to a friend that is interested in mixed-media...I am just starting as well....and I really like your new are so sweet and pretty.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for your sweet comments.

  2. A new face of clothing tags , this is much better than the usual. I have here some of it maybe next weekend I will try to do this one with my tags. I really like it.

    1. Good luck :) I love re using things so this project got me being creative and upcyclying and win/ win


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