Thursday 5 January 2012

Sketchbook challenge

This months theme doodles is so much easier than last months.  I really could not get my head around trash at Christmas time.  I love to doodle.  I think it takes me back to scribbling patterns as a young child and then next to the phone as a teenager and in church in those teenage "boring moments".  Doodling in like a holiday for my brain.  My pencil just moves to where it wants to go.  I find it very relaxing and an escape from  the realities of life.

I decided to draw to music for my first page this year.  I chose to listen to Brooke Frazer.  Look her up on you tube if you would like to hear her music.  She is a NZ artist. I love her music.  Is is clean,  original and a lot of her music is very inspiring.  The first piece of music I listened too is called Betty and I felt to draw an exploration of I am who I am through who has gone before me.  I am am part of my ancestors as my children and grandchildren will be part of me. 

I see so much of my parents in me and some of my grandparents in me.  I am still unique but lives of others intertwine through me.

I am glad that I carry part of my family in my genes and in my make up.  I am proud of my roots.

My ancestors have helped create parts of me.  They have past on to me there idiosyncrasies,  some of there attitudes, and their values.

I have my fathers passion for music and love of puns,  my mothers love of fabric and hand work and her voice,  my Grandmothers tenacity and humour, my Nana's skills with the needle,  my Grandfathers skill of writing. 

I am who I am because of these amazing people before me.

This page was done in ink pen and watercolours.

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