Friday 29 June 2012

Photography this week

I found a recipie for cinamon bread on Pinterest this week and it got me thinking.......could I make cinnamon bread the same way as I make garlic bread.  I gave it a go and it turned out yummy.

 This is how it is made..



Turn the oven onto to 180 degrees celcius

Get out your favourite sliced bread

Either melt or soften butter

Using a pastry brush brush butter on each slice of bread.

Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Then sprinkle with sugar.

Layer the slices of brad on top of each other.

Cut done the centre of the slices.

Cut down the centre in the opposite direction.

Stakc in squares in tin foil.

Wrap the bread and place in the oven on 180 degrees celcius for 10 to 15 minutes

Open it up when cooled slightly.

Enjoy!!!! yum.  Nice and quick and delicous

Thursday 28 June 2012

Sketchbook challenge

I have found it pretty difficult sketching over the last couple of months.  My family seems to have got more than our fair share of bugs and other challenges.  I have really missed it. 

The sketchbook challenge for this month is urban.  My sketch I did with this theme was taken from a photograph online of a restaurant in California.  I really loved the lines of this gate way and building.  The little windows and bells give it so much charm.

I sketched the picture with a water proof ink pen.  I coloured the page with inktense pencils.  I finished it by using a water pen to blend the pencils together.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Studio Organisation

I love my studio.  It is my space to be creative and to find my soul.  I love playing with my supplies and watching my art work evolve from them.  The only thing I find hard is finding ways to store and organise the supplies that over flow out of my room. Most creative outlets require a lot of tools but being a fabric artist seems to create so many more supplies. 

I seem to have painting, mixed media,  quilting, sewing and other art supplies just pouring out my studio.  They seem to double in a week and triple in a month without any effort.  Ever time I try and clean out my studio I seem to find reasons to keep everthing, as it will come in handy some day :)

So how do we store all these overflowing supplies? There are many options to choose from.  We are all unique and so are all or studios and supplies.  So it is fit to say we all will need different storage solutions. So how do we find what is right for us? 

  1. Have a look around at online and retail shops.  See what you like
  2. Check out the library for books on storage solutions and ideas
  3. Check out sites like pinterest for ideas on what storage looks good,  how it works and how it would fit into your studio.
  4. Work out what you need to have put into storage then try and see what storage is available for these specific supplies. 
  5. Talk to other artsits about what works for them.
  6. Visit other studios and see how storage works in day to day use.
  7. Go to your local home supply store and see what you could use for storage.  PVC piping is great for holding long storage
  8. Have a look at home for things that could be recycled  or reused.  Boxes coved make great cheap storage.  See if could work in your studio
  9. Look at a variety of crafter sudios even if they don't have the same supplies as you.  Many storage ideas have many uses. 

Take time to think though what you need as it can be quite a costly exercise to get storage for a large studio although sometimes you just have to use some storage for a while to see how it suits.  Maybe try just one to see if it will work for you.  

You are only limited by your own imagination  :)

Thursday 21 June 2012

Quilting with music or stories

I am busy machine quilting at the moment.  Between family and quilting and really haven't had much time for anything else.  I seem to have run out of time for a few deadlines so I am madly trying to finish as much as I can so I can get a a few things finished.  I have had to unpick one quilt as a lovely, sweet cat (can you sense the sarcasm :)  has weed over the back of it.  Luckily the wee didn't go through to the batting but just sat on the cotton fabric. 

To make time go faster and make it feel like I am lost in the quilting I love to put my headphones in and listen to a story or music.  I turn on what I feel like on that day.  Today I have been listening to Ed Sheeran yesterday Il divo and tomorrow it will probably be my new Simon and Garfunkel CD.  My father has a huge range of music he listens too and he has passed to me a legacy of being able to listen and appreciate a vast range of music.   When I go back and look at a quilt I often can remember the music I listened too. When I listen to the music I can often remember the quilt I quilted.  I find this fascinating that that connection can be remembered many years later.  Music is so emotive for me and so part of my soul a strong connection remains.

I also love to listen to stories as I quilt.  I am listening to Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte at the moment.  Unabridged it is 16 Cd's long so it is taking me quite a while to get through.  It is an amazing story.  As with music I feel connection strongly between a story and an art piece.   A story takes me to a new space and place, it helps the quilting flow better and my hand and eye to work more cohesively together.

What do you listen to as you quilt?  Do you choose different genres on different days?  Or do you have special quilting music that turns on the quilting person inside you?  I would love to hear what you do. 

Saturday 16 June 2012

I have had a quilt juried into a exhibition

My quilt 'We will remember them' has been juried into a online art gallery exhibition presented by infinity art gallery.  I am thrilled that it has been chosen for this exhibition.  I love the best of the show it is a beautiful piece of work. 

The exhibition can be viewed at feel free to have a look.  I would love to hear your views on the exhibition, so feel free to leave a comment.

Catherine xxx

Thursday 14 June 2012

Sketchbook this week

I have had time to draw again this week.  I am doing some designs for a challenge black and white with a little of another colour.  I drew out of the hat turquoise!  These are some of my ideas

I haven't chosen the one yet to make into a quilt
What is your favourite?  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.  
Catherine xxx

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Creating beautiful space to create

We have been talking over the last few weeks about creating studio spaces in your home.  We have looked at the whys and hows.  This week let us look at how to make that space inviting and place where you want to create

  • Put some of your own and others art work around you
  • Make a design board and put on the board some pictures and ideas that inspire
  • Check out pinterest for some amazing ideas for your room.  There are literally hundreds of ideas.
  • Put favourite quotes around the room and change them regularly.  Use ones that motivate you to create
  • Play your favourite music or book. I am listening to Jane Eyre at the moment the only excuse I need to go into my studio and be creative
  • Have a cookbook stand with your sketchbook open to your last page in it
  • De clutter.  I always feel much better when I have a usable space with usable gear.  If my environment isn't cluttered my head isn't
  • Keep the area as ordered as possible so the first 10 minutes isn't spent cleaning.  Make the space as inviting as possible
  • Paint the walls in a colour you love
  • Make the area/room look cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Have a heater for those winter months and fan for those summer months
  • If you can fit it in have an armchair or couch for reading, handwork and just a place to curl up and dream
  • Make sure the room flows easily.  This is easily done.  Use the room for a couple of weeks and see how it worked for you.  If anything doesn't work replay the floor plan until it does
  • Make shelves and cupboards easily accessible
  • Paint the furniture the same colours to give a sense of uniformity and peace
  • Label boxes and containers
  • Use the same colours through the room for a sense of visual flow. Choose something that you love.
  • Put photos of those you love around you
  • Create a project especially for your studio IE a new wall hanging, a picture,  a throw or cushion
  • Cover unsightly objects with beautiful fabrics.  I have a cardboard box for my wool which I have covered with some beautiful brown fabric.
  • Keep furniture polished and clean. 
  • Hide electric boards and wires
  • Give the room your touch and mark so you feel like it is your own. 

Saturday 9 June 2012

Photography this week

I spent some time out at a local beach on Monday which was a public holiday for New Zealand. While we were there I spotted a beautiful grey heron perched in a tree. These birds are amazing. They are so elegant and superb flyer's. I was able to capture some photos of this magnificent creature.

Thursday 7 June 2012

New art work

Working in a series has really given my work a sense of purpose and given me motivation.  I am really excited by my theme of mothers and their children. 

I love watching the relationship develop between a mother and child and to be able to capture that relationship  in art is wonderful.  I have done 3 paintings of 3 ideas for my series.  These painting were done from my Ipod sketches I posted last week.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Studio space inspiration-lots of links

Over the past 4 weeks we have been looking at how to set up a studio in your own home.  I have a new area in my home which is working quite well.  It is wonderful to have such an amazing space.  I am so grateful for my family's sacrifice so I can pursue my passion.

My older posts on setting up a studio space

While I have been creating this space I come across some wonderful inspiration online.

This Website has got over 100 links to people's studio spaces with some wonderful ideas whether you are in a cupboard or a huge room.

On HGTV there is a great article on reorganising a studio

Google images has a wonderful selection of photos

  • Check out flickr and put sewing studios/craft rooms into the search engine and see all the fantastic rooms in here

Cloth paper scissors has a magazine called studios which also has some amazing ideas.  You can even get a digital copy for instant gratification.

I would love some feedback. Please comment and tell me what works for you and what ideas you have when setting up a studio space. 


Sunday 3 June 2012

The kindness chronicles

Wow where has this year gone it is June already.  I can't believe how fast time is going and how each moment just seems to float away so quickly.  That is why we need to live in the moment and to take each opportunity we can to be kind to one another.

It is so easy to see the bad things or the unkind things and sometimes very hard to see the nice things.  Writing down all the things we see and do helps so much to focus on the positive and see more clearly what goes on around us. 

What kind things have you done or seen this month?  You could make a blog or a journal entry and see how it makes you feel.

I have seen some lovely things this month

  • A child calming down when angry and apologising without being asked (actually this one could be called a miracle too :)
  • A animal being petted and stroked because they were in pain
  • A teenager letting her 9 and 11 year old cousins sleep in her room when they came and stayed
  • One of my boys coming into my studio and saying that my new work was amazing and stunning
  • A child going out in the old to take the dog for a walk because their sister needed to study
  • A friend taking my daughter to school because it started to rain when she was waiting for her school bus and she saw her and picked her up.
  • Children letting me have an afternoon sleep when I was tired and not feeling well
  • Teaching a child to make a meal
  • Having a family fast for a sick uncle. 
  • Remembering to pray for those who are sick or mourning
  • Teenagers offering to have 5 children for the evening  so I could have a date with my husband
  • Me and My 7 year old stacking the firewood for my hubby so he didn't have to do it when he got home
  • Caring for a sick husband
  • My hubby still going out to work when he was sick so our family could have money to eat and live.
  • My cousin collecting memories from family and friends for my auntie and uncle for their 40th wedding anniversary and putting them in 40 envelopes for them.  What a lovely gift!
Have a lovely month finding and making new kindness experiences for those around you.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Children and cameras

Children love to take photos and can come up with some lovely shots and seem to understand how important it is to look after the camera and be very careful. 

Yesterday I took my youngest 2 children and my 2 nieces and 1 nephew to the beach.  One of my nieces wanted to use my camera.  I want to share with you today some of her amazing images.  (she is 11 years old) The only guidelines/rules I gave her were to have clean hands,  no sand near the camera and to have fun. 

I really love her different perspective on the beach to my perspective.   

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