Saturday 31 August 2013

Week four: Live more Awesome august photography challenge

Week four of the challenge

Today are the last photos of this challenge.  It has been a wonderful journey photographing all the wonderful blessings in my life.  

I am truly blessed

Day Twenty Four:  An adventure..........Moving to a new house in a brand new area this year.

Day Twenty five:  In the sun..................My cat Sam rubbing up against a rose bush in the sun,  his favourite place.

Day Twenty six: A childhood memory..................Climbing trees.  I loved being high up in the branches and seeing the world from a different perspective.

Day twenty seven:  I'm grateful to play, to listen to and to enjoy.  It is peace to my soul.

Day Twenty eight:  My happy place................My art studio.  I can go into another world in here.

Day Twenty nine: A stranger you met today........Ruapehu has been absent from my lunge window for quite a while due to fog, rain and cloud.  Today it reappeared. 

Day thirty:  Your neighbour...........She is away at the moment so I took a photo of her beautiful daffodils.  Just gorgeous

Day Thirty one: Something awesome.........................I found out that magnolias have these amazing centres in them.  Aren't they amazing!!!!!

Thank you for following my journey in photographs this month.xxxxx

Monday 26 August 2013

Taking a couple of days off

When I was a young girl I had a nasty dose of the chicken pox.  I was very sick and thought I couldn't possibly get them again.  Well it seems as I was wrong.  

I am taking a break for a few days from my blog to get good rest and to make sure I recover properly.  I am grateful I don't have them too bad.  

I will start posting again on Saturday with my last of my months photos of the Awesome August Photography challenge.  

I look forward to seeing you then :)

Saturday 24 August 2013

Week three: Awesome August photo challenge

Day Seventeen: Water

A reflection of a tree in a puddle

Day Eighteen: A guilty pleasure

Coconut cream chocolate mousse

Day Nineteen: Your favourite thing

My beautiful family

Day Twenty: The sunrise

What a stunner.  The sun really turned it on for me today.

Day Twenty one: Exercise

I started Jazz ballet and Contemporary dance classes this year.  I love dancing!!!!

Day Twenty two: Your best friend

The best friend anyone could ever wish for

Day Twenty three: A thank you note

A thank you note for my son who looked after me so well today and made me a beautiful dinner.  Thank you Tim

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Sketchbook this week


Do you remember those days as a child going on a journey 

with your dad? I always felt special to have him to myself. I 

still love having him to myself to chat with and to spend time 


This picture isn't of my own dad (drawn from a photo for the 

those special dads out there who take their children on

magical journeys.

I love going on a road trip.  New Zealand is a great place to travel around.  My husband and I both have such fond memories travelling on journeys with our families around New Zealand together down many windy road just waiting to see what is around the next bend.

Journeys can be wonderful and full of so many memories. They are part of so many people's childhood recollections.  

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Try something new

Creativity takes courage. 

It takes a willingness to let 

go of previous preconceived ideas and try 

different way of doing something.  

It is an exploration of new ideas,  new methods and a 

change in how we think about things.

#creativity #quote

We have to take our fear and turn it into something new,  exciting and wonderful.  

New or different does not mean wrong.

Creativity quote

We need to try and find something new to do regularly.  It makes you us younger,  it stretches us and it pushes us out of our comfort zones into new ways of thinking and being.

What have you never done before? 

What is something you have always wanted to do but 

you have never had the courage to try?

Today get out of your comfort zone and collect all 

courage you can muster and 

try something new. 

Shine & Soar Magazine: Try Something New

It could be a simple as trying a new food or as 

complex as starting to learn a new instrument.

This year I have started Jazz ballet and 

contemporary dance for the first time ever.

It was terrifying, I didn't know quite what to expect. 

I have loved it so much. I am so proud of myself for

trying something new and placing myself out of my

comfort zone.

Making mistakes and trying something new.

You can do it too!!!! 

Could you leave a little note here to let me know what

you have done and how it has gone so we can all 

celebrate with you. 

Have a nice day xxxxxx

Friday 16 August 2013

Awesome august photography challenge: Week 2

Day nine: A night out........A training night for my teachers at church.

Day Ten: Yaaaaahhhhhoooooooooo!......I have a wardrobe 
after living out of boxes for 6 months in my bedroom.

Day Eleven: I made it myself........We will remember them. A tribute to the men in 
my family who went off to war

Day Twelve:  It's the little things.......  My hubby brought me home some flowers. I feel so special.

Day Thirteen:  Something you don't know about me.........I play the cello (only a beginner)  
but I love it

Day Fourteen: The best part of where you work....the view out of my studio window.  
Who could ask for more.  

Day Fifteen: A good deed............Talking to a friend on the phone (hopefully it helped!)

Day Sixteen:  Up high.........Up high in my beautiful magnolia tree

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Sketchbook this week


Camping is so much fun.  The journey of getting to your holiday choice is wonderful too. Especially if you are travelling a long distance.  

This piece of work was created using acrylic paint, metallic pens, stamps, stencils, scrapers and lots of love.

the fine detail

Journeys can be taken on boats.  A adventure out into the deep blues sea into the deep and dark unknown. 

Boats and me don't really work well together,  I get very sea sick.  but I love watching them and reading stories about their journeys and adventures.

Journeys are amazing they bring challenge but also great opportunity.  Life is a wonderful and exciting journey.

Monday 12 August 2013

New work

I have been a busy little beaver in my studio this week.  Working on a few on those UFO's lying around.  

Here is a sneeky little peek at one of the pieces of work I have been creating.

Have a happy creating day xxx

Friday 9 August 2013

Awesome August photography challenge

I am participating in a photography challenge for the month of August.  It is called the Awesome August photo a day challenge (go to the link below for more details)

The aim:  To feel more grateful for the world we live in and the place we are in that world

I love joining in something that is a way to improve our mental health and to show appreciation for the people in our lives. 

So here is my first weeks photographs.  

Day one:  A happy self portrait

Day two : The sunset.....Taken from my mum's deck on her new home


Day three:  My passion...........Art quilting

Day Four:  I'd be lost without....... My wonderful man

Day Five:  Holding hands........the relationship between my daughter and her cat is really special

Day six:  Handwritten be at peace no matter what life throws at me

Day seven:  Giving a gift................Making my daughters bed

Day Eight: A book I am reading.............The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer.

Thursday 8 August 2013

Sketchbook this week

The new sketchbook challenge theme for August is 
This theme opens up so many possibilities in my mind

New possibilities
Scenic routes
Personal growth

This week I have created my pages around photos from above.  Images from above our world.  The possibilities of new journeys become more apparent and the excitement of the adventure becomes real.

Just around the river bend.

Journey of weather

Our journey into our new house

What a journey means

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