Saturday 3 August 2013

Photography this week:

We are very foggy in the Waikato at the moment.  Some days the fog never lifts. I have never liked fog too much, but I am growing to appreciate its beauty.  

It is very interesting taking photos in fog.  It is very eerie and private like the whole world has disappeared for a moment.

Like low light conditions it is challenging to take photos but those challenges are easily overcome using some of the techniques I spoke of last Friday

  1. Try and use a tripod so that if the light is really low the shot can be kept still
  2. Look for as much natural light as possible. Check out in what direction the sun is in the cloud.
  3. Practice using manual settings to create more light without using the flash
  4. Use the sun to your advantage.  
  5. Use a white piece of card angled in the direction of the light to reflect more light into your photo.  (this only works if you can actually see some light)
  6. Look for interesting shadows and shapes to capture.
  7. Try taking the same object in fog,  low light conditions,  sunny conditions and at different times of the day to see how the light changes. 

Here are some photos I captured this morning in foggy Waikato

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  1. Those pictures are amazing! The fog is eerie but beautiful. I love it.


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