Saturday 27 April 2013

Finding inspiration through photography :Part one

When the creativity block starts to weave its vines around me I reach for my camera and start to take lots of photos.  The more photos the better.  I try and take the subject from a variety of angles and if possible with different lighting. It is important to record as much information as possible of the subject for later reference. I find photos work well for me when I can't stop and sketch because I have children dashing off to the next garden or running down the bush track at break neck speed. If I have time to stop sketches add a greater depth of information of the subject if I can',t photos are just fine.

But how can these photos be used in art work? 

  • Use the photo as is.  Replicate a well composed photo

This photo of a Kaka (a native New Zealand parrot) Has all the information I need.  I could create this bird from material as a appliqué quilt in traditional or raw appliqué technique, I could paint and then quilt him or I could free motion quilt the lines of the photo on a whole quilt.  I could choose to make the quilt look exactly the same or near to the original photo.

  • Take a portion of the photo and replicate 

Original photo

Cropped portion:  I could use appliqué,  quilt or paint this onto to fabric too.  Cropping is a great way to focus in on a small detail of the photo or to take out any distractions in the original photo.

  • Take 2 L-shaped pieces of card to see what crop you like the best.

I liked the shapes of the 2 glasses.  The lights behind could be used in texture on the fabric or polka dotted fabric could be used. 

Using this technique is great if you love your original photo or love more realistic art work..  Try to use your own photography though if you intend to sell your work other wise you start getting into copy write issues and they can start to get complicated.

Friday 26 April 2013

Photography this week

We went to a inland ecological island near our home this week.  These are some of the photos I took of the Kaka ( a native New Zealand parrot)

Friday 19 April 2013

Photography this week

We had an very foggy morning.  It was very eerie and beautiful.  The spiders had been out to work during the night and created their master pieces. The patterns are beautiful.

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Flying time

My goodness how time has flown since I last posted.  We have been beginning our renovations on our house.  It is going to wonderful when they are finished.  We are starting with a complete new kitchen,  new carpet, a heat pump and making our tiny office into a small bedroom. 

It Took quite a bit of work to move things around in the small bedroom and walk in wardrobe

But the extra metre of space in the office has meant we can use it as a guest room

 We had planned on making my art studio next but I think that will have to go on hold for a wee while.  So this is creating some challenges in making art at the moment.  It is too cold in the garage without the walls done and too dusty in the house.  I know this will get change once jobs are completed but for now my fingers are itchy and wanting to create. I have had to be content with,,,,,

  • Doodling
  • Making creative meals
  • Learning a new way to put on make up 
  • Op shopping for second hand funky clothes
  • Challenging children to create
  • Reading blogs
  • Pinning on pinterest
  • Collecting ideas for my home
  • Making a story board for my home 
  • Choosing carpet colours
  • matching cabinetry to bench tops
  • Gardening
  • Setting up new homework routines
  • Being creative with children's spelling practice
  • Putting roses (from my garde) in vases to brighten up my home
  • Covering some cushions for my bed 
  • and having fun discovering new places to see in Te Awamutu

There is creativity everywhere we look,  everyday and in every place.
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