Tuesday 16 April 2013

Flying time

My goodness how time has flown since I last posted.  We have been beginning our renovations on our house.  It is going to wonderful when they are finished.  We are starting with a complete new kitchen,  new carpet, a heat pump and making our tiny office into a small bedroom. 

It Took quite a bit of work to move things around in the small bedroom and walk in wardrobe

But the extra metre of space in the office has meant we can use it as a guest room

 We had planned on making my art studio next but I think that will have to go on hold for a wee while.  So this is creating some challenges in making art at the moment.  It is too cold in the garage without the walls done and too dusty in the house.  I know this will get change once jobs are completed but for now my fingers are itchy and wanting to create. I have had to be content with,,,,,

  • Doodling
  • Making creative meals
  • Learning a new way to put on make up 
  • Op shopping for second hand funky clothes
  • Challenging children to create
  • Reading blogs
  • Pinning on pinterest
  • Collecting ideas for my home
  • Making a story board for my home 
  • Choosing carpet colours
  • matching cabinetry to bench tops
  • Gardening
  • Setting up new homework routines
  • Being creative with children's spelling practice
  • Putting roses (from my garde) in vases to brighten up my home
  • Covering some cushions for my bed 
  • and having fun discovering new places to see in Te Awamutu

There is creativity everywhere we look,  everyday and in every place.

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