Tuesday 30 September 2014

Photographs this week

Flowers in my garden

Spring is here!!!!!!  I love the flowers in spring

P.S.  This was Friday's post that didn't happen because I was busy setting up for my art fair. 

Monday 29 September 2014

Setting up for a art fair

It was the annual Pirongia art and craft market on Saturday. It was my first time exhibiting there and the first time I have exhibited on my own with my own stall.  It has been an amazing experience and learning curve for me.  So many people have been so helpful and have been so generous with their time and experience. Although there are so many negative things going on in the world around us it so is so good to know that there are still so many wonderful people that are so willing to help others.

Catherine Parkinson: Textile artist  
Stall at the 2014 Pirongia Art market.

I didn't sell very much (but most people didn't sell much.)  but I met some amazing people,  did some great advertising and I got some good new contacts, which I felt was the most important part of the whole day.  

Some things I have learnt for the first time setting up for an art fair.
  • Start preparing for the day at least 6 weeks before the event.  The earlier you start the more smoothly the event will run.
  • Make good lists of what you need to do and check them off as you go.  Be specific and break down tasks to make them more manageable.
  • Read about how other people set up for shows and learn from their experiences
  • Talk to other stall holders about their experiences
  • Ask specific questions about the event.  Know where you are going to set up,  what is required of you, costings,  equipment provided for you and what you need to provide.
  • Write down an inventory of what you will need for the event. Take what you think you may need even if you don't need it.  It is better to be over prepared than  under prepared
  •  Dress in layers so if it is warm you can take layers off and if it is cool you can add layers.  
  • Bring snacks and water to keep you going throughout the day
  • Make good signage for your stall.  People need to know who you are and it needs to be really clear.  Include your business name,  web page,  email address.
  • Use 3 a maximum of 3 colours in your stall layout.  I chose beige, black and white.  I wanted to bring attention to my artwork not my stall.

  • Use simple but effective display stands.  My pouch stand was made from an old pallet.

Pallet display stand

  • Clearly label everything
  • Have an alternative way of paying for things than just cash and put a sign up saying what payments you accept.

Business card holder and clear signage

  • Be approachable and be friendly
  • Talk freely and opening with everyone you meet. You never know who could be a future client.
  • Be supportive of other stall holders.  Be friendly to them and be interested in the work they are creating.  Network!!
  • Thank the organiser of the event for the day.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Tutorial: Labels for art quilts

I love to be creative and experience the wonder of the creative process.  It is equally as satisfying to complete a piece of work. The feeling of accomplishment,  pride and success is wonderful.  it is so nice to create something beautiful that wasn't there before.  

For many years women have been creating and  telling stories though quilts and for many years only a handful of people signed their work. We only know some of who made and created  these stunning works of art.  Whatever art work you make or what ever you create  it is so important to record somewhere on the quilt who made it. 

My wee one

When I make an art quilt I always sign my work somewhere and make a label for the back of the quilt.  

There are many ways to make labels.  This is my favourite way to make them.

  1. type all the details of your quilt into a document page.  I like to include  The title, my name,  date the quilt was finished, the dimensions of the art work,  where I live and a copy write statement.  Save the document.             

My Wee one
By Catherine Parkinson
Dimensions:  62 x 89 cm
Te Awamutu
New Zealand

©  2010 Catherine Parkinson all rights reserved

You could also add further contact information to the label like web page,
blog, phone number , full address

2.  Cut a piece of  Visofix and white fabric  to the same size an A4 piece of paper

3.  Iron the Vlisofix onto the back of the fabric.  Leave the paper attached to the back of the fabric.  Place in the paper tray of your printer.

3.   Open your document and then go to the print button of your programme.  Set the paper setting to matt photo paper.  Press print.

4.  Cut out each label then take the paper off the back of the fabric.

5.  Using a pressing sheet,  Iron onto the back of your art quilt.  

Points to Remember 

  • To clean the heads on your printer if you use your printer regularly to print fabric
  • These quilt labels are not water proof so keep water away from them.
  • Remember too sign the front of your art too for an additional record

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Exhibiting at the Pirongia artfair

This week is going to be a busy one for me but really exciting.  On Saturday I am going to be exhibiting in the Pirongia art fair. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time.  This fair is one of the biggest in New Zealand and very well attended by people from all over the country.  I will be selling my art work and art pouches on Saturday in the memorial hall. 

Pirongia Annual Art and craft fair

This unmissable occasion is held each year in September on the first Saturday of the school holidays. In side the hall original art work is for sale. and out on the street genuine New Zealand made crafts and products are sold at this Craft Day. 
Catherine Parkinson will be exhibiting and selling her textile art work in the Pirongia hall on Saturday 27th September. Come along to see her work.

If you are in the area or passing through come and have a look.  It is a great place to pick up original unique pieces of NZ art work and craft work for Christmas presents.

Friday 19 September 2014

Catherine Parkinson website launch today

Today is the day!!!!

Lime infused with a little bit of NZ

The day has arrived,  today is the launch of my brand new web page

come and visit me at 

If you want to purchase any art work please send me a message from the contacts page. 

Thursday 18 September 2014

Web site live tomorrow

Just 1 day to go until my web site goes live !!!!

Come and have a look at my 
new web page 
after 6am NZST 

Friday 19th September

Please keep coming back to my web page as I will adding new work to my site regularly.  

Hot Chocolate

Dimensions:  18’ x 18”   46 x46 cm (with frame)    
Technique: Painted whole cloth quilt, machine quilted
Materials: Cotton fabric, textile inks, oil paint sticks

I have a beautiful new gallery full of beautiful art work.  You can find it all at 

I am looking forward to seeing you there  xx

p.s. Would you leave me a comment her at my site to let me know what you think of it.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

My web page launch

I have some exciting news !!

You are invited to opening of 
my new web page on

Friday 19th September 

Catherine Parkinson
Textile artist


By Catherine Parkinson
Dimensions:  51 x 48 cm
Te Awamutu
New Zealand

©2013 Catherine Parkinson all rights reserved

I have an exciting new gallery and everything is for sale!

I am looking forward to seeing you there

Catherine xxx
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