Thursday 4 September 2014

Art quilt progress: In his image

My new series of work on the family is staring off with a quilt based on Adam and Eve and is called 
'In his Image' 

Preliminary sketch

I am making this art quilt using a new process.  I am combing painting directly on the fabric and a appliqué technique I have developed.  

This is an art quilt I have made using this technique. You can find a tutorial on this technique here.    

The start of this process of 'In his image" is shown Here  in a recent blog post. 

And you might like to read about further progress of 
'In his image'   Here.

This is the finished quilt top before it has any quilting on it. I have used my scrappy appliqué technique on Adam and Eve's clothing.

Quilting on the clothes.  

I have used a variegated brown thread on Eve and a a gold brown on Adam. the aim was to add as much texture as possible to the clothing for added interest and depth.  


When I am quilting larger areas of clothing I choose 3 styles of quilting and combine them.  In this instance Adam has Small circles, spirals,  and paisley feathers all over his top. Narrowing it down to 3 quilting patterns makes the quilting very simple but it adds plenty of texture and interest.

Eve close up.  

Eve has small circles, an original tapa flower (designed by me) and 2 large circles surrounding the flower. 

Back of quilt

Can you see how the 3 patterns add a lot of interest.  There is no need for any marking.  I

Feather paisley

Tapa flower

The next stage for the clothing is to add shadow to the clothing to give them more depth and then to add oil sticks on the surface to bring out the quilting more. 

Now onto quilting the Hair and faces.  :)

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