Tuesday 23 June 2015

Sketchbook: Floral fantasy

A peek into my sketchbook

Floral fantasy

It is winter in New Zealand at the moment.  I love this time of the year.  We had a -1 this morning and very heavy frost it was beautiful.  The only thing I really miss in winter  is flowers.  I miss the colour and beautiful perfumes.  I made this page today so I could have a little summer with me today.

The background for this page has been created using layers of paint.

The layers have been made with stamps,  printing materials and paintbrushes.

The flowers were drawn on with an ink pen and then painted with watercolour paints.

The layers and textures in the background suggest sunlight and more flowers in the garden.

A little summer in winter here in New Zealand.

Thursday 18 June 2015

A peek into my sketchbook

The Rose

My favourite flower is the rose.  I love it particularly because of the smell.  I have many fond memories of My grandmother smelling roses and telling me about them and the ones she loved.  I think it is her that I can attribute my love of flowers.  

I love receiving roses.  They don't last too long but they are worth receiving and looking at  for the days they are alive.   

It is lovely that each rose has a different meaning and that a message can be conveyed through the colour and type of rose that is given.  

They are just a perfect.....


......and gorgeous flower.

Monday 15 June 2015

Free Quilting resources

Do you want 2 great free quilting resources?

Head over to quilting daily for a huge selection of free e-books. They have books on finishing techniques, mono printing, surface designs and many more topics.  They are easy to download,  free and a great read.

By Catherine Parkinson

Mono printed and machine quilted.  

The second free resource I love is 
This blog is full of free quilting patterns, advice and instruction.  She gives easy to follow instructions and so much practical support.  An amazing blog.

Catherine Parkinson

This small quilt was made for the transformation challenge by Leah Day.  Each submitted quilt had to include at least 3 of her free motion quilting patterns.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Sketchbook this week: Magnolias

A peek into my sketchbook

Well I am just about feeling normal again after 2 weeks of rest.  I haven't put my back out that bad in many years.  I couldn't even read or look at a computer screen.  The most I have been able to do is watch T.V lying on my side and since I am not a big T.V watcher I have had a very boring 2 weeks.  But It was so good to have a rest and to be able to be.  

While I have been lying around I have been watching the trees turn from their Autumn (fall) coats to their winter frames. It is so nice too see the seasons change.  I love winter.  I love the warm fires, reading, hot stews,  soups,  and winter woollies.  I love snuggling under blankies and cuddling with kids around the fire.  I love the nakedness of trees.  When the leaves are gone the structure is visible and so amazing. My sketchbook page today Is of our Magnolia tree close to our home.

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