Tuesday 20 August 2013

Try something new

Creativity takes courage. 

It takes a willingness to let 

go of previous preconceived ideas and try 

different way of doing something.  

It is an exploration of new ideas,  new methods and a 

change in how we think about things.

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We have to take our fear and turn it into something new,  exciting and wonderful.  

New or different does not mean wrong.

Creativity quote

We need to try and find something new to do regularly.  It makes you us younger,  it stretches us and it pushes us out of our comfort zones into new ways of thinking and being.

What have you never done before? 

What is something you have always wanted to do but 

you have never had the courage to try?

Today get out of your comfort zone and collect all 

courage you can muster and 

try something new. 

Shine & Soar Magazine: Try Something New

It could be a simple as trying a new food or as 

complex as starting to learn a new instrument.

This year I have started Jazz ballet and 

contemporary dance for the first time ever.

It was terrifying, I didn't know quite what to expect. 

I have loved it so much. I am so proud of myself for

trying something new and placing myself out of my

comfort zone.

Making mistakes and trying something new.

You can do it too!!!! 

Could you leave a little note here to let me know what

you have done and how it has gone so we can all 

celebrate with you. 

Have a nice day xxxxxx

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