Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Finishing those UFO's

I have a short attention span.  I have learnt to start a project and finish to the end in one go rather than coming back to it.  I just find I lose interest in a project when I put it to the side to come back to.  A few years ago I went through all my UFO's (un-finished objects)  And either forced myself to finish them or I gave them away to charity (hopefully for someone else to finish)  or I cut them up to make into something new.  This process was very scary but also very liberating for me.  I now have no fear of just moving on from art pieces that just aren't working.

I somehow have got a pile of UFO's again.  I think it is because painting is so much easier to do in a day that quilting and with all our sickness in our house, moving and other challenges with my health, getting back to quilting has been very challenging.  My goal this week is to finish some of my UFO's.  I have 7 art quilts and 7 journal covers/ pouches (I haven't decided what they are going to be yet) so I have a lot to choose from.  I spent some time a couple of weeks ago slashing pieces that weren't working for me to combine at a later date into a contemporary patchwork piece so now I am left with pieces of work I just want to finish.  You never know I might just get that pile down to zero again so I can start some new work.

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