Tuesday 26 June 2012

Studio Organisation

I love my studio.  It is my space to be creative and to find my soul.  I love playing with my supplies and watching my art work evolve from them.  The only thing I find hard is finding ways to store and organise the supplies that over flow out of my room. Most creative outlets require a lot of tools but being a fabric artist seems to create so many more supplies. 

I seem to have painting, mixed media,  quilting, sewing and other art supplies just pouring out my studio.  They seem to double in a week and triple in a month without any effort.  Ever time I try and clean out my studio I seem to find reasons to keep everthing, as it will come in handy some day :)

So how do we store all these overflowing supplies? There are many options to choose from.  We are all unique and so are all or studios and supplies.  So it is fit to say we all will need different storage solutions. So how do we find what is right for us? 

  1. Have a look around at online and retail shops.  See what you like
  2. Check out the library for books on storage solutions and ideas
  3. Check out sites like pinterest for ideas on what storage looks good,  how it works and how it would fit into your studio.
  4. Work out what you need to have put into storage then try and see what storage is available for these specific supplies. 
  5. Talk to other artsits about what works for them.
  6. Visit other studios and see how storage works in day to day use.
  7. Go to your local home supply store and see what you could use for storage.  PVC piping is great for holding long storage
  8. Have a look at home for things that could be recycled  or reused.  Boxes coved make great cheap storage.  See if could work in your studio
  9. Look at a variety of crafter sudios even if they don't have the same supplies as you.  Many storage ideas have many uses. 

Take time to think though what you need as it can be quite a costly exercise to get storage for a large studio although sometimes you just have to use some storage for a while to see how it suits.  Maybe try just one to see if it will work for you.  

You are only limited by your own imagination  :)

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