Sunday 3 June 2012

The kindness chronicles

Wow where has this year gone it is June already.  I can't believe how fast time is going and how each moment just seems to float away so quickly.  That is why we need to live in the moment and to take each opportunity we can to be kind to one another.

It is so easy to see the bad things or the unkind things and sometimes very hard to see the nice things.  Writing down all the things we see and do helps so much to focus on the positive and see more clearly what goes on around us. 

What kind things have you done or seen this month?  You could make a blog or a journal entry and see how it makes you feel.

I have seen some lovely things this month

  • A child calming down when angry and apologising without being asked (actually this one could be called a miracle too :)
  • A animal being petted and stroked because they were in pain
  • A teenager letting her 9 and 11 year old cousins sleep in her room when they came and stayed
  • One of my boys coming into my studio and saying that my new work was amazing and stunning
  • A child going out in the old to take the dog for a walk because their sister needed to study
  • A friend taking my daughter to school because it started to rain when she was waiting for her school bus and she saw her and picked her up.
  • Children letting me have an afternoon sleep when I was tired and not feeling well
  • Teaching a child to make a meal
  • Having a family fast for a sick uncle. 
  • Remembering to pray for those who are sick or mourning
  • Teenagers offering to have 5 children for the evening  so I could have a date with my husband
  • Me and My 7 year old stacking the firewood for my hubby so he didn't have to do it when he got home
  • Caring for a sick husband
  • My hubby still going out to work when he was sick so our family could have money to eat and live.
  • My cousin collecting memories from family and friends for my auntie and uncle for their 40th wedding anniversary and putting them in 40 envelopes for them.  What a lovely gift!
Have a lovely month finding and making new kindness experiences for those around you.


  1. I saw your post on QA and am now following. How wonderful to see so many positive things! If everyone did htis - oh, how the world might change! If all the effort put into hate were put into love, what a wonderful world we might be able to begin to make.

  2. I agree completely. We can make a differnce even if we just do it one person one blog at a time.

    think sometimes these positive things are there we have to acknowledge and see them.


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