Tuesday 12 June 2012

Creating beautiful space to create

We have been talking over the last few weeks about creating studio spaces in your home.  We have looked at the whys and hows.  This week let us look at how to make that space inviting and place where you want to create

  • Put some of your own and others art work around you
  • Make a design board and put on the board some pictures and ideas that inspire
  • Check out pinterest for some amazing ideas for your room.  There are literally hundreds of ideas.
  • Put favourite quotes around the room and change them regularly.  Use ones that motivate you to create
  • Play your favourite music or book. I am listening to Jane Eyre at the moment the only excuse I need to go into my studio and be creative
  • Have a cookbook stand with your sketchbook open to your last page in it
  • De clutter.  I always feel much better when I have a usable space with usable gear.  If my environment isn't cluttered my head isn't
  • Keep the area as ordered as possible so the first 10 minutes isn't spent cleaning.  Make the space as inviting as possible
  • Paint the walls in a colour you love
  • Make the area/room look cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Have a heater for those winter months and fan for those summer months
  • If you can fit it in have an armchair or couch for reading, handwork and just a place to curl up and dream
  • Make sure the room flows easily.  This is easily done.  Use the room for a couple of weeks and see how it worked for you.  If anything doesn't work replay the floor plan until it does
  • Make shelves and cupboards easily accessible
  • Paint the furniture the same colours to give a sense of uniformity and peace
  • Label boxes and containers
  • Use the same colours through the room for a sense of visual flow. Choose something that you love.
  • Put photos of those you love around you
  • Create a project especially for your studio IE a new wall hanging, a picture,  a throw or cushion
  • Cover unsightly objects with beautiful fabrics.  I have a cardboard box for my wool which I have covered with some beautiful brown fabric.
  • Keep furniture polished and clean. 
  • Hide electric boards and wires
  • Give the room your touch and mark so you feel like it is your own. 


  1. This is a great list. I've just painted the walls in my new studio. I thought I hated the colour after I bought it and tested it, but when I painted all the walls I really like it - phew! It makes me think of warm cosy studies, and I can see a brown leather armchair in there for me to curl up in and stitch bindings on.

  2. Thankyou. I'm glad you like it. I always worry about the colour of paint too. It always looks different in large quantities. Glad your studio is coming on well.
    Catherine xx


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