Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What is quilt art or textile art?

In the simplest form A quilt is 3 layers of fabric attached together with stitching.  Quilt and Textile art to me, is 3 layers of fabric created into art work.  This may be painted, constructed from fabrics, appliqued or contain surface designs.  The sky's the limit. In my definition this work is hung on the wall or displayed as a sculpture or is a of a conceptual structure.  Textile art has no boundaries, it is pushing fabric to new possibilities and structure.

When I tell people I am a textile artist the majority of people ask "what's that?"  Or "What type of art is that?"   I tell people "I paint fabric and then I quilt it heavily".  I am amazed at how many people want to know more and are really interested in the work I do.

Being a textile artist is quite different from many other forms of art.  It is relatively new different and quite intriguing to many people.  It is an art form that reaches out to people to be touch and explored with fingers to gain a full an enriching experience.

Cloth is part of us we are wrapped in a cloth as soon as we are born. We are dressed in fabric next to our skin.  We can identify with fabric in art as it part of us and everyday experience.  It is a common thread (excuse the pun) in each of our lives.

The exploration of fabric is enriching and the possibilities are endless.

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