Thursday 3 April 2014

Cheap and easy storage ideas

While surfing the net I have come across so many great ideas for storing art supplies and fabric.  

Storage can be very pricey and add up.  I also find it hard to find storage that works perfectly for the space intended. 
I have found making my own storage solutions to be the perfect answer to the problem.  

These ideas are all DIY and reasonably cheap to make

These bins are just gorgeous and are made from fabric and boxes.

Picture #10: Trays Pulled Out

This pen and pencil organiser is made from foam board.  
Wouldn't you love to have all those pens?

Keep a Lid on It

A great space saver.

What a great way to re use all those cans.

Art Supplies

I love tube storage.  It is such a 
great way to store paintbrushes and pencils

Another take on the tube storage idea

I love this unusual storage design.  

20 DIY Adorable Ideas for Kids Room

There are some nice ideas in this article. I particularly like this one for scraps of fabric,  a hanging rubbish bin or scraps of batting. 

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