Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Art Quilt: Remember

This year is the celebrations of 100 years since the battle of Gallipoli was fought.  Many young men form New Zealand fought and lost their lives there.  In commemoration of this I have made this new wee quilt called remember.  

Remember is dedicated to all my ancestors that fought in world war one and all 
those brave men who fought  so I can have freedom.   

25cm x25cm

This quilt is dedicated to my English ancestors who gave their lives for mine. A  life free of the horrors of war.

The circles on the petals is a representation of the gun trigger emphasising the contrast between the poppy and the horrors of war.

The cross,  railways tracks and barbed wire are also symbols of the war.

It is so important to remember what others have done for us so we can live freely today. 


  1. You are amazing!! HOW on earth can you make such a beautyful quilt?????


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