Monday 24 May 2010

quilt challenge-52 playing cards in a year

A group of artists and I have started a challenge to make 52 playing card sized pieces of art in a year.  One card a week.  We can choose any theme or art medium we want to providing it fits onto a jumbo or normal sized playing card. Once a month we are going to get together to show and tell our work and to share techniques used in the previous month.  At the end of the 52 weeks we are to have a gallery show of our work over the year.  I will have to work out a way to display my wonderful work too.

I have decided to work with nature as my theme. I am going to go through all my quilting arts magazines and try out all the ideas I have meaning to try out for months and to use them in different cards. 

What a simple and fun way to create!

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