Sunday 30 May 2010

quilts are they art?

One of the many things that is challenging about being an quilt artist is the constant need to justify my work or defend it.  Particularly using the word art describing what others think as craft.  I have leaned to own my work by not caring about what others think about terms used to descibe it. 

Art to me is the creation of something new and original that give others a different point of view or a different way to express themselvs.  Art is a way to describe and to reflect on a persons life and experience.   My art describes me, the personality I have and the thoughts and images that live in my head.  I am vibrant,  deep and colourful.  Using fabric and paint I can make the light I have with in shine and radiate. 

"The medium we use in art should not
determine what art is, but rather the
maker of the art exploring the medium
and the ideas they possess should be what is
admired and defined as art."
Catherine Parkinson

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