Tuesday 4 October 2011

Quilting-painting whole cloths

I decided to start a new piece of work.  I have spent all year challenging my painting and drawing skills and I new I needed to put those new skills to the test on a new piece of work.  I wanted to do something that celebrated people.  I spent a lot of time sketching until I came up with the idea of celebrating the interactions we have with music.  My daughter Jennifer has just past her grade 8 violin exam (had lessons for 11 years to reach this goal)  she is an example to me of persistence and dedication to a goal.  I wanted to capture the 'relationship' she has with her violin and music.  She is passionate about music,  she loves to play and love watching others get enjoyment out of her playing.

I first took a photo of her playing her violin and reduced the colours on photoshop down to 6. This gave me an idea of shading and places to put different colours.

I traced around the parts I wanted to use and added other ideas.

Closeup of photo

I then translated this photo and the lines I traced with my own ides into my sketchbook.

With notes around the picture explaining the ideas I had on this piece of work.

I transferred this onto another sheet of paper with more details finalised and fine tuned.

I drew this onto a large piece of paper and sellotaped this to the window. Over this I place my pre washed white fabric and traced the design onto the fabric.  I have really big widows in my house and they are wonderful for doing this.

I love the design.  It makes me feel excited and for me this is usually a good sign that I am going in the right direction. 

Next week I will continue to blog my adventure with this quilt :)


  1. This looks like a great project, I can't wait to see your end result!

  2. Wow Catherine. It's beautiful already and so full of soul. I can't wait to see what's next. xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry I am re posting my comment as I posted before I did a spell check :)

    I am excited by this work too. I can't wait to show you haow it is going :)


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