Thursday 6 October 2011

Sketchbook challenge

Today is my normal day for my sketchbook challenge entries.  I only have 4 today as I have had a few emergencies this week and I have not managed to draw for a few days.  Hopefully everything will sort its self out so I can start drawing again soon :)

Entry for September 28th
Unfurled: Leaf

Entry for Septemebr 29th
Unfurled: Suns

Entry for Septemeber 30th
Unfurled: Leaves

Entry for October 1st
Unfurled: Pointy suns


  1. These are lovely. I know you're a busy person but would you consider teaching a class on how to make your sketchbook pages? I'm in charge of education at Counties Manukau Quilter's Guild in Papakura and I know there are a few people who would be interested, me included! Give me a call if this is something you could fit into your busy life. 027 220 1426

  2. You are doing so many beautiful pieces. I admire your dedication to daily (or near to) projects. I hope you will consider the teaching at some point. I teach painting and enjoy it tremendously.

  3. These pages are beautiful, so happy to find your blog today, thanks for sharing Jenny


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