Tuesday 24 July 2012


Life thoughts

Life is wonderful and other times it throws at you all sorts of things.  We've had a few weeks of life throwing at us sad, tragic and emotionally draining issues.  Through this time I am reminded how beautiful family is,  how precious life is and how great it is to breathe and live.  So many people never get the chance to live a long life or even a full and happy life. I am so grateful for my life.  That I live and breathe,  that I have precious children,  loving family and a God that cares.  I am grateful for creativity that can help problems become less intense and have an outlet for my soul. 

Life is precious and fragile.  This rose is almost perfect except for a little cut in one centre petal yet it is perfect.  Life can be perfect even with all the little (or big) trials we face.  Even though this rose has a small blemish it is still perfect in every way. Part of life is to accept the good with the bad and to embrace it as part of our beautiful existence. 

Have a lovely perfect day xxx

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