Sunday 5 August 2012

The kindness chronicles

I have seen the nicest things this month.
  • The New Zealand Olympic  hockey player who dedicated her fist goal to My Brother in laws niece who passed away last week
  • Mc Donald's in Levin who have offered free meals to her family
  • My daughter who has sent me a 2 page note of appreciation for my mothering
  • My sister and brother in law who took my daughter out dinner even though they were grieving ( the funeral was near where she is studying)
  • My daughter expressing her concern to a friend who was drinking too much
  • My hubby who did not get mad when I made a major mistake on his hair
  • A woman who does not like me express her thanks for a lesson I took at church
  • My hubby taking me away for a night so I could get some sleep
  • My eldest daughter taking her siblings to the temple in Hamilton and the zoo so her mum and dad could have the day together
  • A wee boy spotting when a chicken was sick when I was too busy to see
What a great month for kindness

1 comment:

  1. Im pretty sure dad found the mistake funny. (plus his hair is now short like he has wanted it for ages :P)


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