Tuesday 7 August 2012


Winter has hit us with full force this year.  We have had day after day of frosts and now day after day of rain.  The farm is very wet and soggy.  Auckland hasn't had frosts like this in years.  We have been lucky to get half a dozen for the whole winter.  This year we have already had over 12.  I love winter when it is like this.  A nice balance of rain and sunshine.  Rain is so nice on the iron roofs at nice and the frosty mornings always bring a stunning day, so warm at lunchtime that I can be on the deck in a light jersey.  

It is particularly nice this year to cosy up in front of the fire to watch the Olympics while the rain comes down.  I love the Olympics.  I get right in behind my teams to urge them on for gold.  I love how the world for one small time every four years put some of the political upheavals(not all unfortunately)  to one side for 2 glorious weeks.  Wouldn't it be nice if this could be permanent and that we could just be nice to each other all the time. 

In what ways can we make a difference with art in the world?  We probably can't bring the world to peace but we probably can all help in our little corner of the world with our art.

  • Celebrate positive events in our lives
  • Make art that inspires others
  • Make our art for charity auctions
  • Give away quilts to the homeless or cold
  • Celebrate a birthday with art
  • Give to notable causes like quilts for premies or for those families who lose babies
  • Leave a piece of art in a bus station, public place or in a airplane pocket for someone to find
  • Encourage others good behaviour through our work
How can you make a difference in your little corner of the world?

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