Tuesday 19 March 2013

Journal covers

I spend a lot of time sketching and drawing designs.  I love putting my ideas down onto paper and seeing them come alive.  The greatest thing about my journal is I can save all my ideas and not have them swimming around in my head. 

 I quote I heard a lot in my childhood was 
'a goal not written down is just a wish'

I feel the same way with ideas in my head for my art work.  Ideas not drawn down will never become anything they will only ever be a idea that will never grow into anything for anyone else to see.  For dream to become a reality we need to do something with them.  

Our dreams are really important,  they are part of our make up and make us unique and special.  When we dream we say I can think of new possibilities,  I can create and I am.   

I recently did a 5 day course with Hollis Chatelain.  She is the most amazing and generous woman and an incredible teacher.  She believes any thing is possible and we can all can create beautiful works of art.  

She has faith in dreams.  I appreciated her comments about giving ourselves permission to dream, to think and to act upon our dreams.  If we do this dreams become a reality.

These photos are of a collection of journal covers I have just made with sample and experimental fabric I created.  They hold some of my dreams and one day I hope to see some of them in my completed art work. :)

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  1. I have some experimental pieces that need this treatment - yours look wonderful. It's so much nicer and more inspiring to pick up a beautifully covered journal/sketchbook than a plain black cover.

    I realise now that Hollis had a couple of those 5 day classes and I was in the first one. Shame I missed you. And wasn't she great?

    Good luck for a quick finish to your renovations. Those things can drag out, but you seem to be finding plenty to keep your creativity occupied in the meantime.


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