Monday, 24 June 2013

Little cardlets

One great way to make art or practice art is to do it on old business cards.  It is quick,  effective and great way to practice new techniques.

How to make a cardlet

Paint a base colour onto the white side of the business.  If both sides have colour on them paint first with white or black gesso paint to block out all the underneath graphics.

Add some sort of texture.  I have used old sequin waste on mine and a foam roller on damp paint.  This lifted some of the underneath colour off the card while it was wet.

Add more texture with a stencil brush and small stencil.  I have used sequin waste again with a different colour paint.

Stamp an image on the card.

Then use a black or metallic pen to draw on the dry art cardlet.

I have used a white,  black....

.....silver and gold pen.  

this is another series I have done using the same colour background and different coloured metalic paints.  

Using the pens I have tried out different ideas for stitch  over the same design.

Each art card can be treated differently or be part of a series or can be totally different and unique.

Have fun creating something new today

Catherine xxxxx


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