Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pinterest......the best thing since sliced bread

I love 

It the best thing since sliced bread

I've always been a collector of ideas.  Bits of paper and magazine clippings and photocopies line my filing cabinet with thousands of wonderful ideas on them.  Pinterest is just like my filing cabinet with the plus side of not needing any space to store these ideas in my home.  It is a story board,  magazine clipping and idea book in one. The ideas are instantly retrievable and ready for me to try.  I love the whole ideas and concept of pinterest.

Pinterest has made collecting ideas for renovating my home a breeze.  I have so many ideas that I've had to restrict my collection.  It has made it so much easier than pouring though magazines and libraries to get my ideas together.   

I love to collect ideas for inspiration for art work and photography.  It is a great way to learn from the masters and to add to my knowledge I already have.  If I have an idea for a piece of work I just start a board and away I go collecting ideas from the internet and other pinners.

My only challenge........is to restrict myself to 10 mins per day and to have the time to try everything I like the sound of.  

If you want to try it too go to http://pinterest.com/ 

My page is

Come join the fun

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  1. I have found some great ideas and recipes using Pinterest and I love how organized I can make it!


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