Wednesday 16 October 2013

Tutorial: What to do with practice cloths? Part 2

On Monday I wrote a post about how to use those quilted practice cloths. (see link below for the post)

Today I am going to show you how to make those cloths become something usable and beautiful.  This piece of cloth I am going to make into a pouch.

The quilted practice cloth.

  1. Take the cloth and print one colour on it.  I have chose yellow and used a Jandal/thong base to print lines on the fabric.

2,  Choose another colour and using another texture print it on the fabric.  I have used red and some bubble wrap

Bubble wrap makes a great texture

3. Taking another colour and texture print on the fabric. For this layer I have used burgundy paint though some sequin waste

4. Tip:  Put all the stencils and tools that are painted in a tray to take to clean later.  Doing it all at once saves a lot of time and water.

5. Blot the fabric dry with an old towel

6. Uron until dry if you are impatient like me or leave till tomorrow to dry.

Ironed fabric.

7.  Add another layer of texture.  I have used an old plastic doily and white paint.

8. Use a stencil to add more texture and another layer of interest. use a darker or lighter paint so it stands out.

9. Iron dry again or leave to dry.

10. Brush a metallic paint over the whole quilt to add some shimmer.

11. Choose another stencil to place along the top edge of the fabric.  This will be the edge that will be the flap at the top of the pouch.

12. Use Shiva paint sticks on the stencil with a stencil brush.

13.  The completed painting and texture.  Leave to dry and cure for 24 hours. This process could be shortened by only adding a couple of layers of paint or lengthened by adding more layers.  Go to where you are happy with the the look of the cloth.  I like quite a few layers as it gives more depth and shimmer to the fabric. 

14. Trim up the cloth with a rotary blade and ruler

Trimmed quilt

15. Stitch around the edge of the motif on the pouch flap.

16. Add further stitching if needed to the cloth.  I have added some circles.

17.  Fold over the cloth and check to see if all the stitching and motifs all line up then make into a pouch following these instructions 

Finished inside of the pouch

The finished pouch.  

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