Tuesday 1 October 2013

Teaching kids to be creative

I love to be creative and make life more beautiful.  I think it so important to teach kids to be creative too.  So much time is spent watching square screens in our day and age so therefore it is fair to say many children are losing valuable play time being creative. My children have all gone to playcentre; a early childhood centre with the main focus on play. This has been wonderful for their growth and learning.  I have adopted many Playcentre philosophies in my own home environment. I have also adopted the philosophy the more mess the more fun. So how do I get my kids to be more creative.......

  • Provide good quality equipment.  They better the quality the better work the can produce.  
  • Have a mud pit.  Even if you have a small section buckets can be filled with mud.  I have a Mud area in my yard which my kids love.
  • Have playdough, clay, and other sculpting materials available for use
  • Provide books that inspire creativity.  
  • Limit screen time.  We have a 20 mins on the computer and 30 mins rule for screen time each day.
  • Play games.  Games provide a rich time for vocab learning
  • Have fun together
  • Model creativity yourself.
  • Have play clothes so kids can play and not worry about getting dirty.
  • Give them open ended questions so they can think about other possibilities to their creations
  • Let them problem solve for themselves.  Teach them how to find answers and solutions to the creative dilemmas
  • Give presents that encourage creativity. IE paint, pens, paper
  • Read, Read, read.  reading fosters great imagination
  • Encourage kids to make and send their own birthday cards and thank you cards
  • Leave out equipment in a prominent place and see what happens.  I love to see what happens with a cardboard box, and some tape.  The last time I did this we had 2 tanks made and lots of wars for a couple of days.  
  • Let them cook.  Cooking is a great way to create especially since they get to eat it too.
  • Encourage them to have their own garden.  

Most importantly be creative yourself  so your kids can see how much fun it can be

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