Saturday 28 September 2013

Photographs for the week

There  are so many ways to take photographs and so many subjects to take a photograph of.  Each photographer will be drawn to different subjects and how to take them.

I love to get up close to things in nature and see the fine details.  I love to see how things look from very close.  Often we miss the little details when don't take the time to stop and look.  In our very busy world these wee detail often get missed.

I use photos in my art work for quilting line, texture, ideas for stencils and stamps and for the subject of the quilt.

To take photos this close it is a good idea to use a close up lens or the close up setting on your camera.
try to use a tripod if you can.  I was unable to use a tripod for these photos as I was on a long walk and carrying a tripod wasn't practical over the bumpy rural road of New Zealand and it is noticeable in some of the photos.  Make the f stop as low as possible to get the lovely blurred background, put a hand under the camera to make it more stable, breathe out then shoot.

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