Wednesday 4 September 2013

Re-working an art quilt

This week in my studio I have been re working some older pieces of work.  Work that still is relevant to me as an artist but needs more depth.

Some pieces of work no longer fit into my relevant work.  These I have taken off the canvas and cut up and made into small purses/pouches,  given as presents, made into book covers or sliced into thin strips to be remade into something else.

One piece that I love but wasn't quite working is "shell we sea".  "Shell we sea" is a art quilt based on New Zealand shells.  I like the design but the strong black lines and washed out colours weren't working for me any more.

I felt the colours were to wishy washy and to restricted in pallette.  When I looked at a shell more closely I noticed far more colours that I had originally used

I added with paint sticks a lot more colour.  Purples, yellows, pinks, greens and more varieties of blues.  I also tone the black down by adding navy and bright blue over the lines and blending the lines more into the work.  I am really pleased with the added richness this has brought to this piece.

So what your thoughts?  Is there anything else you could suggest to add more depth to this quilt?  i would love to hear from you for any further suggestions.  


  1. I like the richer colors! I collect and stitch seashells too. What about curved lines that would follow the way the shell grows with bands of color, sort of perpendicular to the spiral. I guess on my shells the lines would be sort of like curved teeth shapes coming off the spiral at angles.
    Not sure if I'm describing it right.

  2. Oh my, this is so beautiful and rich in shapes and color and texture! I love this. Is this on paper, canvas or is it an actual fabric quilt? Gorgeous really!

    1. It is an actual art quilt. Thank you for your beautiful words.


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