Monday 16 September 2013

How to make quilted pouches

Last week I showed you some gorgeous little pouches I have been making from UFO's and pieces of work I have made that have not made it to an art canvas.  They can be used for just about anything and are really beautiful.  They are soft, easy to slip into a bag and just so practical.

They are also really easy to make and don't take very long.

So here is how you make a little pouch 

  1. Take a piece of quilted fabric UFO and cut it into a long rectangle.  It can be as wider or longer if that is what you have it will just make a different sized pouch.  I use all my quilted fabric that hasn't turned out quite right or isn't good enough to use as a art quilt. SO I have many different shapes and sizes.  These instructions work for any size or width.

2. Fold it in different configurations to see what way looks the best.  (A-D)  I tried it in quite a few ways and then realised it would look better without the grey on it so I decided to cut some of the grey off.  I ended up choosing D.

A front

A back

B Front

C Front

C back

D front

D Back

3.  Choose a piece of fabric that matches the front and is the same size or larger than you quilted piece of fabric.  This will be your lining for the pouch. 

4. Iron the lining flat.  It is important to do this step now so that the lining can be cut out accurately

5. Trim off any fabric that is not needed for the pouch.  I have chosen to take off the grey part as it did not look right when I folded the pouch.

6. Lay the quilted fabric on top of the lining.

7. Using a rotary cutter cut away the fabric which is bigger than the quilted fabric.

7. Choose a thread that is the same colour as the lining for the pouch.

8.  Lay the wrong sides of the fabric together.

9.  Stitch 1/4 inch around the two layers using a 2.5 stitch length

10. Leave an opening about 2 inches wide so the pouch can be turned inside out.

11. Trim each of the 4 corners

12.  Turn the pouch inside out.

13. Using a knitting needle or paint brush handle poke out the corners.

14.  Iron flat.  Taking care to press the seams well.

15.  Cut a small piece of velcro.  Stitch the furry side to the top of the pouch. (Check it is the right end by folding it over)

16. Stitch the hook side of the velcro to the other end of the rectangle on the right side of the fabric.  Check again before it is stitched to make sure it sits properly and it is in the right place.

17. Fold up the pouch and stitch around the edge of the rectangle.  

18. The flap will be topstitched and the folded piece will be joined together.  Go around the whole pouch.  (sides, bottom and top)


19.  There you have it a perfect little pouch.


Another one made from another part of the quilted UFO.

Have fun creating your own wee pouch!!


  1. Yes that's a great way to use up otherwise sat in the cupboard pieces.
    Are you sure in step 8 you don't mean right sides together ?

  2. It would be great if you could put a link to this tutorial on your sidebar or add it as another page on your blog. I had to go searching for it today - I'm off to make one right now.


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